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Day 1

10 Days of Giveaways

As promised, today is Day 1 of 10 Days of Giveaways.

Giveaway #1

11 Balance Challenge. You can find it at the Free Store.

What is it?

The 11 Balance Challenge provides students an opportunity to try a variety of different individual balances.

How can I use it?

Students explore the 11 individual balances. Students are encouraged to hold each balance for 5 seconds, or as my former colleagues once put it, 5 bananas. Once the balance is "mastered" then the student checks it off and moves onto another balance. At the conclusion of their exploring and perhaps even mastering, the student draws an alternative balance (in the white space) that is an appropriate or "just right" challenge for them. This balance would be different from the earlier balances explored in the task (it could be something they created!).

Things to consider:

1) Make it a partner task and have another student (the partner) check off the mastered balances as the their partner masters each balance. The student marking off the balances can provide any necessary feedback to their partner during and after the task.

2) Have students reflect back on the task and share which balances were too easy, too hard, and just right. This 11 balance task, in combination with the reflection, can help you, the teacher, plan for future lessons.

3) Consider having students choose a set amount of balances (encourage the "just right" balances to be used) that they explored in the task to create a short individual balance sequence.

4) If students are using Seesaw and you happen to have the luxury of having iPads for your students, this could also be put on Seesaw as an Activity for students to complete (rather than pencil and paper).

Of course there are other ways to use this resource but hopefully this gets you thinking!

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