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Early Sport Specialization

Examining early sport specialization to highlight key research findings and insights to help coaches, parents, and athletes make informed decisions about youth sports participation.

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Reflection Booklet

Exit Tickets

Exit cards, or tickets, are meaningful for student learning as they empower students to reflect on their understanding, seek clarification when needed, and help teachers determine the necessary next steps to enhance their learning journey. This booklet contains 8 different exit cards.

Title Page - Exit Cards.png


New Year's Resolutions - PE

Three New Year's Resolutions for PE in 2024 based on observing PE practice at multiple schools while also being informed by future practitioners working in schools.

PE New Year's Resolutions (8 x 11.5 in).png


Cooperative Learning Structures

Kagan (1989) developed many Cooperative Learning Structures that can be used repeatedly, in any subject area, for a wide range of grade levels. The visual includes 12 different ways you might use Cooperative Learning Structures in your PE classroom.

Cooperative Learning Structures in PE.png


Effort Posters (Movement Education)

Six posters that can be used in activities to promote the exploration and understanding of Laban's Concept of "Effort" - how the body moves; the quality of our movements. Strong Land & Light Land; Fast Land & Slow Land; Sharp Land & Smooth Land.

Effort Lands.png

Movement Cards

Space Cards (Movement Education)

Seven total cards to help students explore and understand Laban's Movement Concept: Space - "Where the body moves". This resource contains level cards - high, medium, & low. Additionally, pathway cards are included such as zigzag, curved, circular, and straight. 

Space Laban's.png


Cooperative Learning in Physical Education

A visual to share what the pedagogical model Cooperative Learning is, the benefits found through extensive research in schools, and a description of the 5 non-negotiable features found in Cooperative Learning.

Cooperative Learning in PE.png


Adventure Challenges - Self Reflection

An example self-reflection students might complete during an Adventure Challenges unit. Could be done following a learning engagement or when reflecting on their learning over the course of an entire unit. Make a copy here.

Make a Copy & Edit - Self Reflection.png


Relationships - Movement Education 

Visuals to help students explore a variety of relationship terms in all areas of PE. Over/under, in/out, through/around, etc., visual cards to provide a means of representation of the different ways we can move in relation to our body, someone else, and/or equipment.


Strategies to Increase PA - Visual

Movement Integration Wheelhouse

The Movement Integration (MI) Framework (Moon & Webster, 2019) provides a progressive framework to help teachers develop strategies to effectively incorporate physical activity for their students during a school day.

MI Wheelhouse

Student Reflection

End of Year Reflection

Provide students the opportunity to reflect on all of the units that occurred over the course of the school year. This can help guide your planning for the next year. Below, you can download an example but if you click here, you can copy and edit your own.

Screen Shot 2023-09-29 at 23.40.06.png

Student Reflection


Here is a quick self-reflection students can complete at the end of a lesson or perhaps even at the end of a unit. Three questions where students have the option of writing or drawing their responses. If it works best for the student, you can also scribe the answers for the student(s). Here is the editable link (make a copy and edit).

3 Question Reflection.png

Gymnastics Activity

Gymnastics Rolls

Provide students an opportunity for students to reflect on the level of challenge they faced with an assortment of gymnastics rolls.

Gymnastics Rolls (8 × 11.5 in).png


Personal Relevance
in PE

Help students make connections between PE and other physical activities to promote their lifetime commitment to movement.

Personal Relevance in PE.png


Relatedness in PE

practical actions for teachers so that they can create a relatedness-supportive learning environment in their PE setting.

Relatedness in PE.png


Nature-Based Physical Activity

Learn more about what NBPA is, the benefits, barriers, and how you might implement in your PE programme.

Nature-Based Physical Activity in PE.png


Assessment in PE

Assessment is an ongoing process. What does assessment look like in your class? This visual takes a look at what assessment considerations you might take as you best support student learning in Physical Education.

Assessment in PE.png

Slide Show - Lesson Zero

Sport Education - Lesson Zero

Lesson zero explains what the unit is about (e.g. how Sport Ed works) and prepares students for what they are going to experience throughout the unit. Make a copy to best suit your context.

Screen Shot 2023-05-31 at 02.04.58.png


Pedagogical Shift: PE

The multi-activity, sport-technique approach is still commonly found in PE programming. This visual explores the multi-activity approach and the shift to a models-based approach supported by both the UDL and Meaningful PE frameworks.


Dodgeball in PE

Influenced by Butler et al.'s (2021) article, this is a visual to share the arguments "for" and "against" dodgeball within PE programming.

Dodgeball in PE - For & Against (1).png

Teaching & Planning Visual

Meaningful PE
& Fitness

Fitness testing is found in many PE programs around the world. Sometimes, it does more harm than good. This visual provides information and recommendations around fitness testing guided by the features of Meaningful PE. Check out the Meaningful PE website here for more information.

Movement Visual

Locomotor & Non-Locomotor Movements

Locomotor movements and non-locomotor (stability) movements help make up some of the fundamental movement skills learned in Physical Education. How do you promote the exploration and development of these movements?


*Download contains a non-locomotor (1) and locomotor visual (1). 



Ramadan & Physical Education

Effective PE teachers strive to be culturally responsive and aware of their students’ diverse backgrounds (Alshuraymi & Wright, 2022). How can we, as PE teachers, ensure ALL students are safe, comfortable, and purposefully learning in PE?

Physical Education During Ramadan (1).png

Teaching Visual

Interactive Modelling

Interactive modelling can be used to teach routines, transitions, content/movement skills, and social-emotional skills (Responsive Classroom, 2016).

Interactive Modelling.png

Teaching & Planning Visual

Sub-Classifications of Target Games

Target games games can be opposed, unopposed, and moving. Are you providing your students with opportunities to explore each sub-classification?

Target Games - Sub Classifications (1).png

Teaching & Planning Visual

Classification of Games & Sports in PE

Target, invasion, striking & fielding, and net/wall games are traditionally the games played in PE. How can we think beyond this? How do you provide balance within your PE curriculum?

Classification of Games & Sports in PE.png

Teaching & Planning Visual

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in PE

Embedded in each "Activity Sheet", the UDL in PE visual is a guide to ensure teaching & planning is inclusive for all students.

UDL in PE (1).png

Dance Visuals

Level Lands

Students explore moving at different levels. Use these visuals to help guide students to move at low, medium, and high levels.

Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 21.56.18.png

Activity Sheet (Adventure Challenge)

Puzzle Pieces

Students explore working with a partner. Students safely find a matching puzzle piece (download here) with another student using communication skills.

Puzzle Pieces - Adventure Challenges.png

Virtual Game

Swim Safety

See the Blog for more details on the giveaway.

Screen Shot 2023-01-30 at 22.49.44.png

Day 10

PE Quote Poster

See the Blog for more details on the giveaway.

Day 9

Gymnastics Jumps

See the Blog for more details on the giveaway.

Day 8

Balanced Curriculum

See the Blog for more details on the giveaway.

Day 7

Movement Competency Classifications

See the Blog for more details on the giveaway.

Day 6

Physical Literacy Posters

See the Blog for more details on the giveaway.

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Day 5

The Cool-Down Corner

See the Blog for more details on the giveaway.

Day 4

Self-Regulation Visuals

See the Blog for more details on the giveaway.

Screen Shot 2023-01-08 at 22.51.31.png

Day 3

Get To Know You Tasks

See the Blog for more details on the giveaway.

Screen Shot 2023-01-03 at 14.10.38.png

Day 2

Learner Profile Posters

See the Blog for more details on the giveaway.

File too large and not downloading? Try below.

Day 1

11 Balance Challenge

See the Blog for more details on the giveaway.

11 Balance Challenge - Gymnastics.png
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