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Day 10

10 Days of Giveaways

Day 10! Our final day of #10daysofgiveaways! We are at the end, but don't worry - more content will continue to be published. If you've missed any of the freebies, be sure to check them out at our Free Store. Every Blog so far has helped to explain/provide a background "story" for each of the giveaways.

Giveaway #10

PE Quote Poster. Like usual, you can find it at the Free Store.

What is it?

The PE Quote Poster is a quote regarding PE and physical activity from the book, "Physical Activity and Sport During the First Ten Years of Life" edited by Bailey et al. (2021). This particular quote was written by Dr. Ben Langdown (2021).

How can I use this?

So, my apologies - this is not a resource you can use with your students. This is more of a "pick me up" (e.g. the coffee beans) when things may not be going well. You might put this up in your office or on your office door (or maybe you accidentally print extras off and leave them around the school...?).

Why the "pick me up?" Because, let's face it - teaching can be hard. PE teaching can be hard, too. This serves as an important reminder that what we do is important - very important! The perception from the public is that PE teachers are not that intelligent (Harris & Griffin, 1997). It's not shocking that, historically, our subject area and PE teachers, are not highly valued.

So the next time you find out last minute that your PE space is no longer available because of class photos... read this quote. Or when you find out you are teaching the same or more as your colleagues but expected to coach multiple teams over the course of the school year... read this quote. Or when a colleague or administrator talks about academic subjects and doesn't include PE... read this quote. Or when a colleague says a student, who isn't their PE teacher, doesn't have to participate in PE because they do high level sport outside of school... read this quote. Or when a student missed PE because a colleague held the child back in the classroom to finish up an assessment... read this quote. Or when someone gives professional development on brain development and learning but fails to mention physical activity... read this quote. These things I have seen and experienced first-hand.

Model best practice teaching every day and continue to advocate for your subject. You are important!

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Thank you for reading! Thank you for everything you do as a PE teacher!

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