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Day 3

10 Days of Giveaways

We are back! Today is Day 3 of 10 Days of Giveaways. Scroll down to find out the next giveaway!

Giveaway #3

Get To Know You Tasks. You can find it at the Free Store.

What is it?

The Get To Know You Tasks are a pair of resources focussed on fostering social connection amongst members of the classroom community and they should help you, the teacher, gather information to guide future instruction that is meaningful to each of your students.

How can I use them?

For some international educators, the beginning of a calendar year brings a lot of change in a school's student population (e.g. it is not uncommon for expat families attending international schools to have overseas contracts starting in January and ending in December).

For the first resource, think... BINGO! Students are given the handout (either digital or hard copy) and navigate around their learning space to ask members of their class if they have tried (for example) rock climbing before. If "yes", the other student writes their name in the space and if "no", the student may ask again about a different activity. This continues until the "BINGO" sheet is filled up with all classmates (and teacher). Depending on the context of your class, it is recommended to model how we would approach someone in the class to then respectfully ask a question about their past experiences in sport and physical activity. Additionally, you may need to check for understanding for each of the pictures so all students know what each image represents. Ideally, I've found this activity works well at the beginning of the school year (looking at you Australia, New Zealand). However, the beginning of the New Year works well especially when there are multiple new students in your class.

The Getting to Know You (to the right) handout can also be used digitally or as a hard copy. This might be a quick exit ticket in your first PE class of the school year (or in the New Year). This can be purposeful as it gathers information for you to help provide opportunities that are personally relevant to each student. Committing to support the students on improving something they used their voice to share may result in increased motivation, effort, and learning.

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