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Day 6

10 Days of Giveaways

For those returning to the blog for our #10daysofgiveaways, welcome back! For the newcomers... thank you for making it here and be sure to download any or all of the freebies over the previous five days of giveaways.

Giveaway #6

Physical Literacy Posters. You can find them at the Free Store. These are adapted from physical literacy posters created by

What is it?

The Physical Literacy Posters are simply that... posters that project physical literacy. Physical literacy is a concept originally proposed by Whitehead (1993) due to the high levels of sedentary lifestyle displayed around the world. In 2017, The International Council for Sport Science and Physical Education described physical literacy as:

"the motivation, confidence, physical competence, and knowledge and understanding to value and engage in physical activity for life.”

There are various definitions of physical literacy; however, a constant within each definition are the elements of motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge, understanding and applying these elements throughout a lifetime.

Even though these posters are influenced by fundamental movement skills (FMS) such as throwing, running, catching, etc., it does not mean that FMS equals physical literacy (Barnett et al., 2016). FMS (or physical competence from definition above) is one of the many components that needs to be addressed within physical literacy.

How can I use these?

These posters can be placed all around your PE learning spaces to help promote moving in and outside of school. It can also foster a greater understanding of what being physically literate is. Encourage students to come up with other activities that they may be more likely to participate in if they can throw or catch or swim. If you are looking to have students further investigate their physical literacy, consider using PHE Canada's Passport for Life. "Passport for Life supports the awareness, assessment, development and advancement of physical literacy among students and teachers" (PHE Canada, 2020).

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Thank you for reading!

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