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Hi... again!

Updates & a Give-a-way

First, thank you all for your continued support. In case you don't know, we rolled out the "soft launch" of the website on January 5th. We've been working hard to have a full launch but aren't quite there... yet. It will happen shortly and we look forward to sharing this with you in the near future.

What's been going on?

This past week, I've been playing around with Adobe to create some unique gifs to help support learning in PE lessons. After quite a long exploration, the body tracking capabilities on Adobe didn't quite work out with a lot of movements I was doing so I switched gears.

I decided to go back to something I have used in the past - a green screen. I recorded some movements (well, probably more than 100). We are currently working on making this footage accessible via gifs. There has been a lot of trial and error with the process but happy with the results so far.

Speaking of Technology...

I had the privilege (should I say that?) of teaching online/virtually for parts of three academic school years due to the pandemic. Last academic year, we were teaching online from August to April. There was a lot of switching things up and trying new things. One online resource I spent some time playing with and using with my students was genially (my students loved it!). From virtual games to infographics to interactive maps, there were many reasons to add genially to the creative toolkit especially when teaching online for 9 months. If you haven't done so already, I suggest you check it out and see what you can create especially on those days when you have no gymnasium or large space to move.

Swim Safety

At the free store you can check out a game created to assist students with swim safety (for lower primary students). A scene is set that presents things that are NOT safe in a swimming setting. Students answer 7 questions and complete a movement with choice (This or That) before going onto the next question. This is a purposeful option for students who aren't able to swim at your PE lesson (e.g. infection, stitches, or broken limb) or also a nice way to remind the whole class about safety procedures in the swimming pool.

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