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The First of Many


Thank you for visiting Down With PE and welcome to the first blog entry!

What's going on here?

Well, Down With PE is an online tool to promote best practice in physical and health education. The goal is to help support physical and health educators on their ongoing pursuit of new knowledge and skills that are purposeful for both teaching and student learning. A variety of resources will be made available for educators to use directly with students and/or to provide information (or even inspiration) to support teaching and learning in PHE. Hopefully, this blog will help with some of this inspiration and knowledge sharing too. There is also opportunities for consultation and speaking which is more directed at schools, school districts, and organizations who provide opportunities for PHE.

Why the need?

This is certainly not anything new but teachers need to be able to constantly grow. Lifelong learning is a requirement for all physical educators (Colburn et al., 2019). Unfortunately, and I've been there, things can grow a bit stale when you are the only PHE teacher in the school. Collaboration, support, and sharing of ideas will help us to reflect, learn, and grow for the greater good of our students (we will get more into the support of others in coming weeks). Additionally, and because of social media (e.g. Twitter), knowledge translation has improved and research is more easily disseminated to practitioners (via blogs, podcasts, etc). This website looks to increase this positive trend of knowledge translation so that research-based PHE practice can be communicated in an accessible (and perhaps even an attractive) way.

10 Days of Giveaways

To kick off the (soft) launch of the website we will have 10 Days of Giveaways until the official website on January 15th, 2023. For the next 10 days, each day will have a new freebie for you. Perhaps these will fit well with your current teaching context. The video below gives a few more details about exciting start to the website.

Join Our Mailing List

If you feel like this is something you want to be "in the know" about, please subscribe.

I look forward to sharing and learning with you on this journey.

Thank you for reading!

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